AHDI Compliant Transcription Service

To ensure the highest quality and most accurate medical transcription, we follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), formerly the American Association for Medical Transcription. As a company we follow AHDI’s recommendation that organizations meet the goal of at least 98% accuracy with respect to all errors. We strive to ensure that every document is 100% accurate prior to delivery to the healthcare provider.

Global Transcription Resources is a corporate member of AHDI whose is the largest professional society representing the clinical documentation sector whose purpose is to set and uphold standards for education and practice in the field of health data capture and documentation that ensure the highest level of accuracy, privacy, and security for the U.S. healthcare system in order to protect public health, increase patient safety, and improve quality of care for healthcare consumers. AHDI works to advocate for workforce development and credentialing in allied health and the critical role of the technology-enabled documentation knowledge worker in the electronic health record (EHR).