Benefits of Combining Medical Transcription with WebChartMD

Our basic transcription service consists of word documents being returned to you either by accessing our server or we can push the transcribed documents to your file server. However, we are now offering our transcription service bundled with WebChartMD as our premium package. Here are just a few reasons to consider our premium package.

• e-Signature
• Auto Faxing/Printing
• Easily search and find reports
• Audit Trail of Document Use
• EMR/EHR integration

E-Signature: The e-Signature batch process will save countless hours in time and money. Once dictation comes back in a word document each provider will go in to their own inbox to review and sign their transcription. The e-Signature process takes seconds to accomplish. Medical Providers can even e-Sign multiple documents at once. Just highlight all the documents you want to e-Sign and then just click on sign. No more having to go into each document to e-Sign reports.

Auto Faxing/Printing: When transcription is returned into WebChartMD, it goes to the inbox of the medical provider it belongs to. At that point the medical provider can e-Sign his reports one by one after being reviewed or they can just e-sign the whole batch. WebChartMD then offers several options after a the transcription has been e-Signed. The transcribed reports can be auto printed to any printer you specify without having to go into each report to print it and/or the transcribed reports can be auto faxed to any referring physician you want. No more spending countless hours printing and stuffing envelopes or having to manually fax over transcribed reports to referring physician offices.

Searchable database: Dictated audio files are uploaded into WebChartMD with a date/time stamp and provider ID. Once the audio files are uploaded into the system, they are put into the medical provider’s pending folder until transcribed. Once audio file are transcribed, they are returned along with the report. So each transcribed report now has the corresponding audio file that goes along with it. So if the medical provider or office staff ever need to go back and listen to the audio file or need to make any kind of corrections, both are there in one simple record. If you ever have to recall any transcribed report, WebChartMD provides numerous searches you can perform to easily find historical reports on any patient. You can also click on any patient and see all the documents that were transcribed for a particular patient. No more spending countless hours hunting down historical transcribed documents. WebChartMD makes it amazingly simple to find any report dictated by any medical provider for any patient in the system.

Audit Trail of Document Use: WebChartMD has an advanced audit trail system. Every person that touches the document is recorded in a log. Once files have been e-signed by the medical provider, they are locked forever. The only person who can go in and make any kind of changes at that point is the medical provider who e-signed the document. With WebChartMD’s advanced audit trail process, you never have to worry about charts being changed after they have been e-signed. This feature will reduce the potential liability that is associated with transcribed reports being changed without know who did it.

EMR/EHR integration: WebChartMD supports HL7 interface capability. For many offices, this is their first step towards EMR/EHR. With WebChartMD you no longer are limited to using dragon naturally speaking which is voice recognitionto do your dictating. WebChartMD allows data that has been dictated and transcribed to be sent to your EMR system via a HL7 interface. WebChartMD takes full advantage of meaningful use data.

These are just a few reasons to start using WebChartMD today.

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