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Voice Recognition Alternative Tried voice recognition software? We hear from doctors every day how long it takes to dictate using voice recognition software. Most of the will tell you they hate it. EMR companies have been cramming voice recognition down physician’s throats for the past several years now. We are seeing so much garbage data […]


Thank you for allowing me to continue to contact you.  I will be checking in from time to time but not often enough to bug you.  If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Thanks, Chris Burris Global Transcription Resources Tel:  (480 892-5344 Fax: (480) 445-9928 Toll Free: 1-888-818-4848 Email: […]

Infusionsoft for Medical Offices

How Infusionsoft can help small medical offices become more profitable!   Hello, my name is Christian Burris and I am the owner of Global Transcription Resources, LLC.  I am also an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and the owner of Automation MD.  Over the last 10 years as I have worked with small medical practices, I’ve grown […]

What to Consider While Choosing a Medical Transcription Software

Looking for the best medical transcription software is not as tricky as it seems. Any transcription worker knows what they do and do not need in their choice. Those choices offer the best options for everyone in the business. It must match all laws and regulations while providing compatibility with clients. Here are some tips […]

How to Determine the Right Tools for Your Transcription Needs?

Modern day medical technology has opened up the use of diverse tools that are geared towards helping medical practitioners and billing companies meet their transcription needs. These tools can be used in both large and small clinics, hospitals, health centers and medical billing offices. Their main function is to make work much easier and to […]

Medical Transcription Services Growing Throughout the U.S.

The overall state of medical transcription services in the U.S. is growing by leaps and bounds, states the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) that credentials all individuals who seek out the health profession title of certified medical transcriptionist. In general, someone who provides transcription services for doctors and other health care professionals is a […]

Negotiating the New Medical Landscape

The days of the house call are long gone. We can no longer pick up the phone if your child has a fever, call your pediatrician, and expect a knock on the door within minutes. Until fairly recently, medicine was more art than science. There was a lot of superstition attached to the cause of […]

How to Choose an Electronic Health Records (EHR) Transcription Service?

Transcription of electronic health records is still a vital service, even though an increasing number of EHR produce doctor’s reports automatically. When medical personnel need to use a service for transcription it needs to be capable of producing prompt transcriptions, be cost effective and be perfectly accurate.

Reduce Dental Malpractice and Risk Through Proper Documentation

As a dental professional, have you ever attended a practice management conference where lowering your malpractice insurance rates was discussed and been bombarded with the word, “documentation?”

Independent Medical Exam Transcription

As a physician, have you acted as a third party consultant in an Independent Medical Exam? If you haven’t yet, chances are you will sometime in your career. Regardless of when your expert opinion and evaluation is needed, it is important that you have a transcription partner you can trust. At Global Transcription Resources, we […]