Cardiology Transcription


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Specialized Reports

While EMR voice recognition might address some of your needs, we are still finding many cardiologists who need specialized reports or studies typed up. We are very experienced in transcribing Nuclear studies, Echocardiograms, PET scans, Doppler studies and many more.

Increase Revenue

We offer a cost effective alternative doing specialized reports for the cardiology industry. Don’t spend all that time at your computer trying to dictate your important studies into a voice recognition program. Time is money. Many healthcare providers are reporting it is taking them on average four times longer to dictate. By dictating into a digital recorder, 1800 number or smart phone and sending the audio to us through a secure HIPPA connection, we can type up those reports for you. This will free up much needed time for you to continue to generate revenue by seeing more of your patients.


High quality and accurate medical records. There are standards and certifications that each cardiology medical transcription service must follow thus managing your medical records are of high quality and are done accurately. You will not worry on editing, reviewing of records and proofreading. All of these are managed and handled precisely. A group of quality assurance professionals will measure performance and will impose penalties and sanctions to make sure that prescribed quality levels are achieved and turnaround time are adhered to. There are a lot of benefits of acquiring such service.