Cost-Effective Transcription Service

Our digital transcription process is saving our clients up to 40% over other outsourcing options and up to 60% over the cost of in-house transcription. We charge 8.9 cents per line. We define a line as 65 characters. Be careful when comparing costs. Some companies define a line based on returns which is significantly more expensive. Additionally we do not charge any extra for support or special formatting. In today’s healthcare environment, outsourcing has emerged as the most cost-effective solution to manage transcription needs for the following reasons:

  • Reduces overhead and payroll tax liability by reducing office staff
  • Lowers operating costs by eliminating in-house processes leveraging your existing high speed internet connection to transfer your digitally dictated voice files to our secure servers for processing
  • Reduces capital equipment purchases and maintenance costs
  • Focuses medical practice on its core competency
  • Provides a safety net for workflow fluctuations or a decline in personnel
  • Reduces and eliminates backlog situations
  • Allows medical practice to pay for services as needed