EHR Integrated Transcription Service

Global Transcription Resources’ simple integration process is designed to work with your existing EMR/EHR system. Our service is all about flexibility. We have successfully integrated with many medical providers to either directly type transcribed reports into their EMR/EHR system or to download transcribed documents into their EMR/EHR system.

Dictation using a digital voice recorder or phone system along with having trained transcriptionists is still the safest, fastest and most convenient method for medical providers to dictate.

We have many clients that are enjoying the benefit of EMR while still being able to dictate using a digital recorder or phone. We are committed to integrating our transcription service with your EMR or EHR provider.

Our EMR/EHR integration team is led by our Information Technology Director who has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and over 16 years of extensive domestic and international experience IT consulting for many Fortune 500 companies including Banner Health Systems, Microsoft, Intel, Honeywell, Motorola, Chase and American Express. We stand ready to help your practice through a smooth EMR/EHR integration.