Global Transcription Resources Expands Access with iPad and iPhone

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Transcription Even Simpler for Medical Clients Across the Nation

PHOENIX – July 1, 2011 – Global Transcription Resources (GTR), a Arizona-based leader in medical transcription, is pleased to announce that clients can now utilize IPhones and IPads during the medical transcription process to increase timeliness, accuracy and ease of critical transcription projects. GTR’s expanded service capabilities will be a welcome relief to technologically minded clients who prefer the IPhone or IPad to traditional dictation resources.

“The opportunity to improve the transcription process for clients is an exhilarating development, explains Christian Burris, Global Transcription Resources CEO. “It is our goal as an industry leader to continue harnessing new technology for the benefit of physicians, hospitals and medical groups everywhere.”

Previously clients utilized a digital recorder or phone for recordings. Now, clients can rely on their Apple devices as the first step in the transcription process for dictation capture. Then they transfer the files to GTR for the finalized transcription documents. This allows physicians to consolidate devices and save money. Instead of buying a $300* digital recorder and toting it around, the client’s recording needs are fulfilled with their IPhone or IPad.

GTR recommends clients utilize the Dictamus app to move the audio file dictations to the GTR system. Dictamus can be found at Users may try the app for free and then purchase for just $11.99 if they are happy with usability. The GTR service team is ready to field client questions and help with implementation. The expanded services through IPads and IPhones will also allow for continued HIPPA compliance, complete patient confidentiality and uninterrupted process for clients making the switch.

*Average cost of a digital recorder