Global Transcription Resources has partnered with WebChartMD

Many of our customers have expressed an interest in being able to more easily manage their transcription. With WebChartMD now bundled with our premium package, customers can now take advantage of all kinds of advanced capabilities like e-sign, auto fax/print, easily find dictated reports by patient or provider and many other advanced features related to medical records management without spending thousands of dollars on an expensive EMR system. Global Transcription Resources, LLC is proud to announce we have partnered with WebChartMD. With WebChartMD there is now an easy-to-use-web-based tool for easily managing dictations and transcription that we type up for you.

Since WebChartMD is a web-based tool, medical providers and office staff can access the system from any computer that is connected to the web and supports internet explorer. No more having to deal with old VPN connections. Simply open up your internet explorer browser and go to There you will have access to all your transcribed reports in a nice web-based easy to use interface. No special software is needed.

WebChartMD easily integrates with EMR/EHR systems that support HL7 interfaces. WebChartMD was written to take advantage of meaningful use data that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with any EMR system.

WebChartMD is a pay as you go model. There are not support contracts or licensing fees. There are no fees for historical reports. You are charged for whatever gets typed in the system for the month and that is what you are billed by.

Call us today to at 1 (888) 818-4848 to take advantage of our premium package of having our transcription service bundled with WebChartMD.