Independent Medical Exam Transcription

As a physician, have you acted as a third party consultant in an Independent Medical Exam? If you haven’t yet, chances are you will sometime in your career. Regardless of when your expert opinion and evaluation is needed, it is important that you have a transcription partner you can trust. At Global Transcription Resources, we have transcribed hundreds of IMEs in states across the nation. Our medical transcription team is knowledgeable, precise and expeditious through this complex and very technical process.

Customized for Insurance Providers and Attorneys

Often insurance providers and attorneys are the ones that will require an Independent Medial Exam. Each has specific formats and requirements they will need to fulfill their legal documentation. Global Transcription Resources can customize every aspect of your exam transcription report and can show you samples of reports to help with your personalized format. Our experience also guarantees your report accurately conveys your independent opinion of the individual’s clinical status.

24-Hour IME Transcription

Global Transcription Resources guarantees 24-hour turnaround for all transcription services and our team is available for questions about your Independent Medical Exam transcription. We are ready to quickly guide you through the IME process. Contact us today to learn more.