Medical Transcription Services Growing Throughout the U.S.

The overall state of medical transcription services in the U.S. is growing by leaps and bounds, states the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) that credentials all individuals who seek out the health profession title of certified medical transcriptionist. In general, someone who provides transcription services for doctors and other health care professionals is a medical transcriptionist or MT.

The argument for hiring a MT today is linked to a growing worldwide medical transcription business that the AHDI states is estimated at more than $25 billion annually with MT’s employed at all major hospitals, physician groups and other healthcare providers. Also, MTs usually work on site but more and more of these healthcare professionals are telecommuting.

In general, an MT performs transcription into text format of voice-recorded reports that are dictated by doctors and other healthcare workers.

Medical transcription viewed as healthy in the U.S.

Because the MT must deal with highly confidential patient information and medical records, there is a view that either in house medical transcriptionists or independent contractors who perform MT tasks must be highly trained and vetted so that there are no doubts that the text products they produce are exact and efficient.

At the same time, President Barack Obama has stated numerous times – during the recent health care debate – that the electronic storage of medical records for all people in the U.S. will be a true cost saving measure.

In turn, the so-called “Obama Care” law now requires all hospitals and medical establishments nationwide to adopt a new paperless initiative due to the high volume of paper medical records that is viewed as not practical in this day and age of digital computer communications.

Medical records move to electronic storage

The electronic storage of MT produced records is aimed at creating a nationwide database of patient medical records. This allows for immediate access by doctors and other health care experts regarding a patient’s care and health issues to date.

For example, an MT commented online about how the hospital he works is now taking the plunge and setting a goal to have all patient records online as soon as possible.

Thus, this MT said his work never seems to end with patient medical files swamping his work area while and other MTs do the hard work of transcribing each and every notation about such things as a patient’s current medications, allergies, medical history and other pertinent details.

MT job opportunities growing fast nationwide

There are numerous online web sites offering MT training in the wake of the “Obama Care” goal of making all medical patient records paperless in the coming years.

At the same time, there are many online MT service agencies that offer high-quality and guaranteed transcription services for those medical clinics or doctors who need a quick turn-around for the transcription of a patients records. Some MT contractors even feature deliver of MT produced records within 24 hours.

In turn, there are more MTs now working either as telecommuting hospital employees or as independent contractors for an outsourced medical agency that performs MT services at either the clinic, hospital or physician group facility or offsite.

MTs help streamline medical records

The goal of any MT service for medical records transcription is to help cut down on the amount of traditional paper records with new electronic digital storage methods that gives doctors and others immediate access to the patient’s records during a typical appointment or during an emergency situation.

Overall, the MT provides high-quality transcription services for medical experts who want to serve patients more effectively and efficiently. In addition, many MTs now use special software that automates the traditional paper record file transfer process so the medical records can now be quickly downloaded to a doctor’s office when needed.