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Speech Recognition Software has come a long way during the past decade and advances will continue to occur. However, many of our medical partners still express frustration with its inability capture details and specifics of their dictation:

“Even though I use a trainable speech recognition software system, it is still plagued by errors.”

“It is such a pain to try to go back and edit a chart I have just dictated. I just don’t have the time.”

“It (leading speech recognition software) frequently takes things significantly out of context. It can’t tell the difference between similar sounding words, and although it speeds up the process initially, the time it takes to edit out all the inaccuracies and misinterpretations is frustrating.”

“The training has its limitations, because there are very important technical terms the computer just doesn’t understand or can’t come across the right way.”

“While it is faster, losing the human touch of a certified transcriptionists means I have to spend time I don’t have on edits.”

If you have ever had similar frustrations, there is hope. Global Transcription Resources is combining the best of both worlds by offering high-quality speech recognition editing services for convenient speech recognition dictations.

Quality and Convenience

Global Transcription Resources has the ability to edit your Speech Recognition file in 24 hours or less. This breakthrough will provide healthcare professionals more time to focus on patient care, and less time editing charts.

After your initial speech recognition dictation is complete, our team edits and checks for accuracy at three levels. First they are proofread and crosschecked by our transcription practitioners. Next, they are reviewed by our senior editors. Finally, all reports are randomly spot-checked by our Director of Medical Transcription to ensure consistent quality.

Your satisfaction is our biggest reward, and we will work with your technical teams to ensure seamless workflow.

New Solutions for New Technology

Recent technological advances in healthcare are exciting, but often create new challenges. Instead of being annoyed with the process or frustrated by perceived wasted time, take control. Many of our clients feel the same way and we are prepared to help. Contact our team today to discover just how effective your Speech Recognition Software can become with a little “human” help.

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