Enhanced Transcription Resources through WebChartMD


Global Transcription Resources Enhances Services Through WebChartMD Compatibility
Proficiency with WebChartMD Benefits Medical Transcription Clients
PHOENIX – September 14th, 2011 – Global Transcription Resources (GTR), an Arizona-based leader in medical transcription, has enhanced transcription services for physicians and medical practitioners across the nation through its compatibility with WebChartMD.

WebChartMD is a web-based tool that takes transcription resources and seamlessly interfaces them into EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems. WebChartMD integrates voice capture, transcription workflow and importing documents by utilizing an outbound data feed to automatically populate templates with patient demographics. Completed documents are then directly imported into a healthcare client’s EMR system via an inbound data feed written in HL7 and other formats.

“Many of our medical transcription clients have discovered the benefits of the industry-leading WebChartMD platform,” explains Christian Burris, CEO for Global Transcription Resources. “Our experience with this innovative tool and operational familiarity greatly benefit clients needing to easily capture, transcribe and utilize critical patient information.”

WebChartMD has experienced tremendous growth. Because of this, hundreds of physicians and medical practices need a transcription service that not only complements this premier platform, but can seamlessly integrate from an operational and technology standpoint.

“Our medical clients simply dictate and upload their audio files to WebChartMD. Then GTR quickly transcribes and uploads finished documents to WebChartMD where they can be immediately accessed through our client’s EMR systems,” details Burris.

To learn how GTR’s transcription services can complement your WebChartMD platform, visit Global Transcription Resources today.

About Global Transcription Resources
Founded in 2003, Global Transcription Resources, LLC (GTR) provides highly accurate medical transcription services to physicians, hospitals and private practitioners within the medical industry. GTR has established a reputation of consistent quality, affordability and unparalleled customer service through the leadership of its management team and talent of experienced transcriptionists. Clients across the nation find GTR’s medical transcription process easy to implement and easy to use. Visit http://www.gogtr.com to learn more.

About WebChartMD
WebChartMD is an easy-to-use, web-based tool for managing dictation and transcription workflow within the healthcare industry. It is one of the newest and most technologically advanced application service providers in the industry, and continues to evolve with the needs of its clients. WebChartMD is written with entirely new code from cutting edge software advances like Microsoft .Net 3.5, Ajax user interface code and Asterisk open source telephony software. Commercially launched in January 2007, WebChartMD has grown an average of 25 percent per month for 23 of the last 24 months, and today has more than 5,000 daily users on the system. WebChartMD is based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Visit www.WebChartMD.com to learn more.