Orthopedic Medical Transcription

Orthopedic Medical Transcription

Whether an orthopedic surgeon in a large regional hospital, neighborhood medical clinic or private practice, the need exists to track and record crucial medical information for effective patient care.

While medical transcription is a must for the majority of orthopedic surgeons, having a medical transcription partner with industry-specific medical expertise can make the difference between creating a profitable, effective practice, and running a business that just gets by.

Orthopedic Industry Experts

At Global Transcription Resources, our orthopedic clients provide a variety of services including arthritis and other degenerative disease treatments, sports medicine, fracture care, infections, tumors, congenital disorders and general orthopedic care. Each specialty has individual terminology relative to specific injuries, rehabilitation plans, injections, replacements, reconstructions, syndromes, etc.

It is critical that an orthopedic surgeons’ transcription partner is not only familiar with these terms, but can accurately discern and communicate a surgeon’s intent in follow-up transcription documentation. Additionally because orthopedic care often covers acute injuries, timely transcription is extremely important. At Global Transcription Resources, our Orthopedic Medical Transcription are not only trained in orthopedic terminology, but have experience service a wide variety of orthopedic specialists.

Digital Transcription and On-Site Scribes

Typical orthopedic medical transcription can occur anytime, anywhere, but sometimes with orthopedic care, it is best to have an on-site scribe capturing every detail for immediate communication back to clients. These instant transcripts can make it easier for patients and family members to make critical decisions when dealing with acute, life-threatening or career-ending injuries.

Even if a Global Transcription Resources’ scribe isn’t on site, its digital transcription services make the process fast, accurate, easy-to use and compatible with most orthopedic surgeons’ EMR and EHR systems.

Orthopedic Medical Documents Transcribed

 Global Transcription Resources can generally transcribe and customize any orthopedic medical document, but clients often ask for:

Urgent or Emergent Orthopedic Consultations

  • Pre-Surgical Exams
  • Surgical Notes and Post Op Care
  • Progress and Procedure Notes
  • Rehabilitation and Therapy Plans
  • Second Opinions

Within 24 hours, Global Transcription Resources will provide accurate transcriptions in completely customizable formats such as Word, WordPerfect, .txt, .rtf and other specialized templates that can be imported into most EMR/EHR systems.

A Partner To Trust

 Just as your patients rely on you for the highest level of orthopedic care, your practice should have a transcription partner available 24/7 to serve you. As an accessible resource with a long-time reputation for transcription accuracy and excellence, Global Transcription Resources is quickly becoming the number one transcription partner for orthopedic surgeons nationwide.

 Trust Global Transcription Resources for daily dictation on site or digital transcription of surgeries, reports, therapies, exams, consultations and other important patient communication. Global Transcription Resources is prepared to save your orthopedic practice between 40 and 60 percent over previous transcription providers as we provide solutions that benefit your entire practice.