Secure File Encription

Every file is 128-bit encrypted. All file transfers use Secure Socket Layers, which is the most secure internet connection available. This ensures that files being uploaded and downloaded across the Internet are encrypted for added privacy. Global Transcription Resources has several layers of data security:

Our web servers are deployed using a dual-homed configuration, thus providing specialized, application-specific firewall protection to our private network. This extra layer of security is specifically designed to keep your files and other information safe.

All user files are safely stored on private network servers. These servers are machines that are physically isolated from the public Internet, for security purposes. Physical security is provided by AT&T Enhanced Network Services in one of their world-class hosting centers – a “hardened” facility providing seamless connectivity, guaranteed uptime, mirroring capability, and security. All files are stored on triply-redundant storage subsystems, providing exceptional data integrity.

Because GTR’s transcription services are highly confidential, we will be pleased to sign a business associate agreement upon request.