We integrate with your EMR/EHR

Are you tired of the time it takes to use voice recognition to dictate? Are you frustrated with the effort it takes to edit what the computer thinks it heard? Voice recognition is slow, tedious and very in-accurate. Editing is still required because the computer, in most cases, will not accurately capture what was dictated. Many doctors have reported that their dictation time has increased as much as 200% by using voice recognition. Most doctors don’t have that kind of time to spend. Dictating needs to be simple and should require as little time as possible.

Our certified medical transcriptionists are trained to act as kind of a backup for you to flag things that were dictated that need to be reviewed. In some cases this has prevented a potential life-threatening situation from occurring. Dictation using a voice recorder or phone system along with having a trained transcriptionists is still the safest, fastest and most convenient method for medical providers to dictate.

We have many clients that are enjoying the benefit of EMR while still being able to dictate using a digital recorder or phone. We are committed to integrating our transcription service with your EMR or EHR provider.

If you have not found an EMR provider, please allow us to introduce you to Practice Fusion. Many of our customers have asked us over the years on what kind of EMR solution would we recommend. After spending many hours evaluating countless solutions, we have finally picked one. Practice Fusion is the future of EMR. Please go to their website today to find out why Practice Fusion is one of the fastest growing EMR solutions on the market. EMR does not have to be painful.

Practice Fusion addresses the complexities and critical needs of today’s healthcare environment by providing a revolutionary, web-based, electronic health record (EHR) application for physicians and patients at no cost. Practice Fusion’s free EHR system includes charting, scheduling, lab integrations, eprescribing, secure messaging, billing integrations and a free personal health record (PHR) for patients.

Practice Fusion guarantees that physicians using our EHR will qualify for Meaningful Use before HITECH payments begin January 2011. Any medical provider in the country can sign up for Practice Fusion’s system in five minutes online, with no cost and no downtime.

Practice Fusion is the fastest growing electronic health record community in the country. Practice Fusion has more than 25,000 users in 50 states. For more information on Practice Fusion, please visit practicefusion.com.

Call or email Christian Burris, our EMR program manager, if you have any questions, or if you are interested in integrating your EMR service with Global Transcription Resources.