Workmans Compensation Claims Reports and IME Transcription

As a doctor, you may be called upon, or choose to participate in an Independent Medical Exam (IME) or do a report on a Workman’s Compensation Claim. Either way, it is important that you have a transcription partner you can trust to help you through these complex and very technical processes. At Global Transcription Resources, we have transcribed hundreds of IMEs and Workman’s Comp reports in states across the nation. Our transcription team is knowledgeable, precise and expeditious.

Customized for Your Requirements

Global Transcription Resources understands each state has specific disclaimers and you will need to customize your report correctly for the affidavit. Our experience allows us to take your state’s disclaimer or required format and customize it quickly for your report.

Additionally, we can customize every other aspect of your report. Our experience also guarantees your report will successfully meet the needs of the affidavit.

24-Hour Turnaround

When you are on a court deadline, or trying to finish reports as an alternate revenue source for your practice, time is of the essence. We guarantee 24-hour turnaround and are available for questions about your Independent Medical Exam transcription or Workman’s Comp Claim report.

Whether this is your first or 500th IME or Workman’s Comp Claim Report – our professional transcription team will provide technically accurate, customized documents that you can confidently submit.

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